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Epson’s Japan site makes switch to solar power

Epson announced that its plant in Fujimi has begun using an onsite solar power generation service.

The solar power generation equipment is installed on the roof of the plant.

The panels used in the system have a capacity of 549 kW and can supply approximately 667 MWh of electricity a year (an amount equivalent to that used by about 150 ordinary households).

All the electricity generated will be supplied to the Fujimi Plant, reducing its annual CO2 emissions by about 253 tonnes.

This is the first solar power generation system using the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model introduced at an Epson site in Japan. In the agreement, the power company, SMFL MIRAI, will install the solar power generation facility at Epson, and supply the generated power. Under the arrangement, SMFL MIRAI will service and maintain the solar power generation equipment.

It marks the start of domestic efforts to increase the amount of power Epson generates privately and will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy power sources, for which there is growing public demand.

Epson is pursuing efforts to achieve its Environmental Vision 2050, which outlines the company's long-term policies for environmental management.

Epson has also made the utilization of renewable energy a crucial part of its SBT achievement scenario for attaining the decarbonization goal of the Paris Agreement.

In addition to achieving our own environmental goals, we will help to build broader public recognition of the need for society as a whole to decarbonize and to foster a social environment that facilitates the adoption of renewable energy.

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