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Latest Esko software version increases workflow efficiencies

Esko has launched a series of innovations to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and unlock considerable productivity gains.

Its latest Esko Release 22.03 includes new features which aim to address the needs of converters to increase efficiencies throughout the workflow.

“This latest software release sees a number of breakthroughs in innovation that will streamline complex workflows,” said Jan De Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations and Strategy. “We are simplifying processes from structural design through to reporting analytics, ensuring process control, and advanced colour software to deliver guaranteed quality and output to levels that were previously unattainable.”

“Our continued software innovations respond to the market need for more effective processes that connect workflows between presses, departments, and even between remote facilities,” said De Roeck. “Many companies are now digitising many of their processes, tasks and workflows. We continue to support that ongoing digitisation by making our solutions even more powerful, robust, yet simple to engage and user-friendly.

The new features include:

• Next generation Color Preflight with Automation Engine and ArtPro+

• Assembly instructions with ArtiosCAD, reducing assembly time by up to 20%

• Native Apple Silicon support for ArtPro+, DeskPack and Studio

• ArtPro+ Digital Edition for digital print workflows

• Improved WebCenter user experience and reporting

The release includes new features to enable businesses to make optimal use of data. New reporting tools in Automation Engine and business analytics in WebCenter help to turn that data into useful business insights that can help shape a business by identifying and untapping new efficiencies and eradicating further waste.

“New additions to WebCenter, our packaging management solution, remove barriers and improve the user experience by increasing ease of use, while advanced reporting features and dynamic 3D viewing serve to better equip teams to meet today’s challenges,” said Jan.

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