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Flint Group launches new XSYS flexo division

Flint Group announced the launch of XSYS, a new division combining Flint Group Flexographic and Xeikon Prepress. The two groups have already been working close for the flexographic and letterpress markets, and this integration is expected to bring more collaboration and innovation.

“With the integration of Xeikon Prepress with Flint Group Flexographic, we are now connecting the dots and are implementing an important step of our strategy to become a full solution provider for the flexographic prepress industry,” said Dagmar Schmidt, President of XSYS. “In forming this new division, we bring together what belongs together: Plates, Processing Equipment (solvent-and solvent free), Imagers, Sleeves and Adapters. And with this move, we expand our expertise towards our customers.”

According to Schmidt, the name XSYS is derived from “ThermoFlexX, nyloflex, Xpress and other brands that feature the X, combined with Systems to form the name XSYS.”

With the new name comes a new mission and vision, as well and a new logo and website. The tagline for the new division is “Be Brilliant”. Explaining the tagline, Schmidt said, “Be Brilliant, reflects our belief that the world needs brilliance. Brilliant ideas and developments to meet the challenges of the future. Brilliant people who have the courage and will to do the right thing. Our story started with a brilliant idea, and brilliant ideas are what keep us going.”

The existing products and brands that will be incorporated into XSYS include nyloflex flexographic solvent and thermal plates & equipment, nyloprint letterpress plates & equipment, nylosolv, rotec sleeves& adapters, ThermoFlexX TfxX Imagers, ThermoFlexX Catena Plate Processing equipment, and surface screening solutions. All will operate under the divisional brand XSYS, keeping in place all existing brands and continuing to leverage them in the marketplace.

“We are confident that by joining them together, we will further strengthen that position,” Schmidt noted. “Our division is primarily focusing on the prepress part of the value chain complemented by sleeves, which gives us excellent access to the printing press room. We are organized in three subdivisions who will all work closely together: Prepress, Plates and Sleeves.”

XSYS aims to be the specialist for the flexo industry with a holistic approach ranging from pre-press equipment, flexographic & letterpress plates complemented by sleeves & adapters. XSYS will be headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and will operate from more than 37 locations around the world.

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