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FUJIFILM unveils new climate action targets

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation announced new climate action targets to reduce CO2 emissions as it accelerates initiatives towards a zero-carbon future.

The group aims to be fully operating on carbon-free energy and achieve net zero CO2 emissions by the fiscal year ending March 2041 (FY2040). It will also reduce CO2 emissions across the entire product life cycle from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal by 50% (compared to FY2019 levels) by FY2030.

To achieve these targets, Fujifilm launched a new Fujifilm Group environmental strategy, “Green Value Climate Strategy.”

The strategy includes includes promoting “Green Value Manufacturing” which aims to manufacture with a lower environmental impact, and delivering “Green Value Products” with excellent environmental performance.

“Fujifilm has been actively promoting actions to reduce the impact of climate change based on a strong and fundamental belief that environmental conservation is at the core of all Fujifilm’s corporate activities,” said Chisato Yoshizawa, corporate vice president, ESG, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. “Fujifilm is accelerating its climate change ambitions believing that the climate actions over the next 10 years will bring meaningful results in the future. The Fujifilm Group will continue to implement active initiatives for solving climate change issues, thereby helping to establish a zero-carbon future.”

Fujifilm has been implementing climate change measures under the “Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030)” covering the period to FY2030 from the perspectives of “resolving social issues through business activities” and “giving environmental and social considerations in business processes.”

One of the measures is to manufacture with a lower environmental impact. This includes achieving carbon-free energy usage is to designate the Ashigara Site of Kanagawa Factory and Fujinomiya Factory in Japan as “carbon neutral model plants.” At these factories, Fujifilm will use fuels that do not emit CO2, such as hydrogen and synthetic methane.

Fujifilm will also work to broaden the lineup of specialty chemicals produced through flow synthesis, which has a greater CO2 emission reduction effect.

Fujifilm will be creating and promoting ‘Green Value Products’. The group has 166 products certified as ‘Green Value Products’ and has targeted bringing the sales ratio of “Green Value Products” to 60% of total revenues.

CO2 emissions have been steadily reduced across the Fujifilm Group through developing environmentally conscious products and services, while adopting energy-efficient manufacturing facilities.

In July 2020, the previous target of “reducing CO2 emissions across the entire product life cycle by 30% by FY2030” was raised to “45% reduction.” Fujifilm achieved 41% reduction in FY2020.

The new target is aligned with 1.5 degrees Celsius target set in the Paris Agreement. In addition to implementing measures based on the new Green Value Climate Strategy, Fujifilm is also adopting internal carbon pricing.

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