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Fujifilm unveils new production press platform Revoria

In an online webinar, FUJIFILM Business Innovation (Fujifilm) introduced its new platform, Revoria. Along with the new brand, two new production printing presses were unveiled.

The exclusive webinar, titled ‘Welcome to the Revolution of Print’, featured industry experts such as Keypoint Intelligence’s Marc Mascara, Print Media Centr’s Deborah Corn, and Fujifilm’s very own Scott Mackie. Live translations for the webinar were available in Mandarin, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese.

The print experts delved deeper into the role of digital print in customer communication, how digital press is expanding into new markets, and how CMYK+ contributes to your business evolution and through the new Revoria Press Series.

The two production printer models under its new Revoria brand are the Revoria Press PC1120, a production colour printer for the high-end professional printing market, and the Revoria Press E1 Series, a monochrome production printer for on-demand printing both for professional and office use.

The two new models will be sold sequentially from July 27 in the Asia Pacific region.

According to Fujifilm, the new Revoria brand will provide customers with a suite of production printing solutions including encompass production printers, associated print servers, and print workflow software.

“The Revoria brand is something that we will build our future technology upon. The Revoria presses, the dry ink technology, and we then have the Revoria Flow, which is our prepress print technology. We also have Revoria One, and that would be our workflow solutions that will accompany our technology moving forward. Today, we launched the new Revoria presses, and will continue to develop that. We really are just beginning,” said Scott Mackie, General Manager, Graphic Communications Division, Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific.

For more details on the new presses, stay tuned to our upcoming issue of Print Innovation Asia.

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