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Fully recyclable plastic films approved for HP Indigo presses

In collaboration with HP Indigo, Polysack has validated its packaging films for printing on HP Indigo digital presses.

Polysack is a green-tech manufacturer of plastic film products for flexible packaging and high-shrink labels. According to the company, its Pack’N’Cycle plastic film is 100% recyclable. The company added that some 9% of all plastic is recycled and that “most “recyclable” plastic is not actually recycled or fully recyclable”.

“The ability to combine our 100-percent recyclable film with HP Indigo’s printing capabilities allows businesses to create packaging that fits their brand while remaining environmentally conscious,” said Yanir Aharonson, CEO of Polysack. “Plastic waste is a major environmental problem, and we’re glad to help make the world a bit more green.”

Polysack’s film can replace 70 to 80% of unrecyclable plastic to fully recyclable packaging without increasing costs, modifying people’s usage habits, or needing to rebuild the infrastructure for the package production.

“We are excited to help brands find new packaging options for their products to continue to improve their sustainability profile,” said Yair Gellis, head of Flexible Packaging development at HP Indigo, “The HP Indigo digital printing solution for flexible packaging offers brands sustainability advantages including lower waste.”

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