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Global Graphics completes name change to Hybrid Software Group

Global Graphics PLC announced that its name change to Hybrid Software Group has been accepted unanimously.

As a result of the company’s general meeting, the special resolution proposed was unanimously passed without amendment. The change of name has been accepted by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.

The Company remains a UK company with its shares listed on Euronext Brussels.

It is expected that Euronext will make the change of name effective from the start of trading on 20 October 2021 and that the Company’s stock symbol will be changed from GLOG to HYSG. There will be no other changes to the listed shares.

“I have felt for some time that the name ‘Global Graphics’ no longer described the group’s mission, especially to the investor community. With the acquisition of HYBRID Software earlier this year it was clear that we needed a name which reflects the real nature of our business: enterprise software combined with printhead electronics for digital printing applications. I’m very pleased with the strong support we have received for this rebranding,” said Chairman Guido Van der Schueren.

“The four operating companies in the group – Global Graphics Software, HYBRID Software, Meteor Inkjet and Xitron – operate under their own individual brands which are well established in the market, but it’s important that investors and customers see them as part of a larger group with a complete solution for industrial inkjet manufacturing. Rebranding the Company as Hybrid Software Group is an important step in the positioning of our company, and I look forward to promoting the new brand,” CEO Mike Rottenborn added.

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