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Heidelberg announces availability of new Masterworks die cutter for folding carton

In collaboration with its partner Masterworks, Heidelberg is adding another solution to its postpress equipment for the attractive growth segment of folding carton production.

The Mastermatrix 106 CSB high-performance die cutter for folding carton production was unveiled in October 2020 and series production has now started following successful field testing.

A speed of 9,000 sheets per hour makes the Mastermatrix 106 the most productive die cutter in the Heidelberg portfolio.

It combines die cutting, stripping, and blanking in a single system. Integration into automatic pallet logistics is also possible. A camshaft drive ensures the platen moves smoothly and gently right up to the highest output levels, which ensures reliably smooth sheet travel. The MasterSet optical register system aligns sheets precisely before they enter the die-cutting station. The print image and cutting die match perfectly for each and every sheet. MasterSet was developed by Heidelberg and launched by Masterworks. The fully encapsulated servomotors are well protected against paper dust, which is a big advantage.

Heidelberg has integrated the Mastermatrix 106 into its Prinect workflow, which means presettings can be transferred to the die cutter and motorized components can be adjusted and moved into position automatically.

Manual setup processes are quick and easy to perform. A quick-action clamping device significantly reduces the number of manual steps required to clamp the cutting plate in place. In the blanking station, the pneumatic MasterRake system makes it quick and easy to release the rake rods, move them into position, and secure them again for non-stop production.

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