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Heidelberg emerges as one of top training companies in Germany

Vocational training at Heidelberg is among the best in the whole of Germany. The daily newspaper "Die Welt" published the results of the evaluation at the end of August.

Of the 4,000 companies surveyed across all sectors and regions, Heidelberg's training program was rated among the best, with the rating "very attractive". Only around 800 companies have achieved this top rating. The survey was conducted by the business psychology ranking agency ServiceValue.

The "Germany's Best Training Companies" seal of approval is an independent quality certificate that measures the attractiveness of vocational training.

"With this result, we see our efforts to provide solid, attractive, and future-proof vocational training strengthened," said Rainer Haus, Head of Organizational & Personnel Development at Heidelberg.

For Christian Beck, who is in charge of vocational training, the key to attractive training lies in the design of the training content and its constant further development on the basis of company requirements. According to Haus, the ranking published in the daily newspaper "Die Welt" acknowledges the work of the company's trainers.

"Good vocational training is the key to the future, both for the young people and for the company itself, which is getting a new generation of highly qualified staff," explained Heidelberg's HR Manager Rupert Felder. Right at the start of the new training year, the award was a good signal for the new intake of trainees.

On September 1 of this year, 122 young men and women began their training or dual study program at one of the company's four sites in Wiesloch-Walldorf, Brandenburg, Amstetten, and Ludwigsburg.

Scope of training to grow in the coming years

Despite a significant decrease in headcount, Heidelberg is upping the absolute number of training places by around a fifth this year. Due to demographic change and the growing digitization of all areas of the company, the skills employees need are constantly evolving. The company will therefore be offering even more places for trainees and students over the coming years, in line with requirements.

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