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Heidelberg scores three Pinnacle awards

Heidelberg’s technologies has earned three Pinnacle InterTech Awards. Heidelberg’s Hycolor Pro, PAT (Performance Advisor Technology), and Push-to-Stop in Folding technologies were recognised as forward-looking technologies for the print industry.

The annual Pinnacle Product Award competition from PRINTING United Alliance showcases products that keep the industry moving forward.

Since 1978, Heidelberg has received 42 awards, which is the most of any manufacturer in the industry.

Hycolor Pro

On its newest generation of Speedmaster presses, Heidelberg has introduced Hycolor Pro as part of the Heidelberg User Experience (UX). With Hycolor Pro, the press uses a digital monitoring system to remotely adjust dampening settings while the press is running.

Hycolor Pro reduces the press operator’s workload through its user-friendly operation and increases production reliability, all while being connected remotely.

Performance Advisor Technology (PAT)

Using artificial intelligence, Heidelberg’s Performance Advisor Technology (PAT) monitors the printing process, detects deviations, and suggests suitable optimization measures for users to improve their performance. Available in the Heidelberg Assistant platform, PAT shows benefits and savings visually via easily digestible charts and data.

PAT can even monitor the performance of individual press operators, provide recommendations, and observe whether the recommendations have a real impact on performance.

Push-to-Stop for Folding

On the finishing side, Heidelberg has extended its Push-to-Stop philosophy in print production to its Stahlfolders. With Push-to-Stop for Folding, print shops can produce different signatures or jobs of similar formats and folds on a single pallet – without any touchpoints.

Automatically scanning a unique, job-specific barcode printed on each sheet, the Stahlfolder’s integrated camera recognizes the signature change and initiates all necessary measures for job changes and activates them autonomously.The operator can now focus on quality control and intervenes only if production needs to be stopped.

When coupled with the P-Stacker robotics technology, more work can be completed with less stress on needing people for finishing.

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