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HP Indigo reaches 100th 100K press install milestone

HP Inc. announced it has delivered the 100th HP Indigo 100K Digital Press marking a milestone.

Adding to their existing fleet of 5 HP Page Wide and Indigo products, UK-based print service provider Solopress, continues in their digital transformation with the installation of the HP Indigo 100K Digital press.

“We’re really pleased to see the market turn a corner and orders start to increase after a very tough period. During the last few years we’ve spent time as a business making changes which deliver more value to our customers. And in of support of that goal, we recently added the HP Indigo 100K to our fleet, which alongside the introduction of HP Siteflow, complements our existing automation capabilities,” said Simon Cooper, MD of Solopress.

Founded in 1999, Solopress has over 20 years of experience in digital printing, supporting tens-of-thousands of businesses and resellers. Following the lifting of Covid restrictions, a surge in demand has driven the need for additional capacity.

Able to print up to 6000 sheets per hour, the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press is touted as the most productive digital B2 press in the market.

Citing productivity and reliability in the HP Indigo 100K, Cooper continued, “as a business we strive to maximise productivity at all times, and the 100K gives us the additional capacity, reliability and quality we seek for our customers.”

“I’m incredibly proud we have achieved such a significant milestone for the business. This is a credit to the team and also to our customers in joining us on a journey to launch, refine and build a portfolio which supports true digital transformation. The drupa portfolio which we presented in 2020 was successfully adopted across all segments. The HP Indigo 100K not only delivers agility for our customers, but also performs above and beyond, something we have seen in particular from offset PSP’s that have found the 100K is a good solution to fit their needs. There are no doubts that this unique combination between quality and productivity enabling many of our customers to stand out during pandemic. I’m pleased to see our long standing collaboration with Solopress continue and develop in these exciting years to come,” said Haim Levit, Vice President and General Manager HP.

HP is also celebrating the 10-year anniversary of introduction of the HP Indigo B2 portfolio, which was first unveiled at drupa 2012.

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