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Indian printer successfully installs two Speedmasters in two years

Within two years, Rahul Print o Pack has invested in two Speedmaster CS 92 presses. From left: Mr. Rahul Kumar Soni, Mr. Ajay Kumar Soni and Mrs. Seema Soni.

The Indian printing company Rahul Print o Pack is running successfully on two new Speedmaster CS 92 presses from Heidelberg’s Shanghai factory.

The company put the first machine into operation in 2018, along with Suprasetter 106 CtP equipment.

Within fourteen months, Rahul Print o Pack had printed 64 million sheets with the Speedmaster CS 92.

"This performance is well above average," said Samir Patkar, President at Heidelberg India.

After two years of successful run with the first Speedmaster, Rahul Print o Pack ordered its second, identical CS 92. Both the presses are working now around the clock for seven days a week.

“In a 12-hour shift, between 25 and 30 jobs with a total of 146,000 good sheets were produced. Around 75% of the orders are in the run between 3,000 and 7,000 sheets,” said Rahul Soni, the company's Business Development Manager.

Soni attributes the good performance on one hand to the high level of automation and the stable production of the two Speedmaster CS 92’s. On the other hand, he can always rely on support from the Heidelberg India team.

"Even during Covid-19 situation, we are receiving excellent support," said Soni.

Orders from the packaging segment

Rahul Print o Pack was founded in 2007 by Ajay Kumar Soni. The company initially concentrated on post-press; the print jobs went to external partners. Today, Heidelberg technology is used for production at all levels, from plate exposure to sheet-fed offset and post-press. Thanks to the investment in its sheetfed offset capacity, Rahul Print o Pack was able to secure not only commercial jobs but also packaging jobs in the folding box and corrugated board segment in the fast-growing market.

With the Speedmaster CS 92, the company is well-positioned for the competitive markets. Thanks to the gentle, contact-free sheet guide, Rahul Print o Pack can print substrates from 0.03-millimeter thin paper to 0.6-millimeter-thick cardboard on both presses.

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