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Japan wins big at WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021

Hakutsuru Sake Ukiyo-E label box series by RENGO Co.,Ltd., Japan

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has unveiled winners to the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021. The country most awarded was Japan, with 26 awards. China followed with 22 awards. Other countries from Asia Pacific that won awards in the 2021 edition include India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea and Australia and New Zealand.

“The submissions were, again, of a significantly high standard, and to note was how well the submissions in general reflected the focus of packaging with sustainability in mind. Also of interest was the number of clever and unique ideas. I particularly was impressed with the number of submissions from countries that have in the past not partaken in any significant way. We received a good variety of entries covering all the categories. We will continue to review the categories thus ensuring due relevance is always maintained,” said Pierre Pienaar, president of WPO.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the programme turned to virtual judging with two rounds of judging taking place. The WPO members, representing 34 countries from all around the world, judged each entry and spent hours going through 345 submissions before meeting via the Zoom platform for final deliberations to choose the winners.

All 194 winners of WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021 can be found on www.worldstar.org.

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