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Japanese textile company installs Kornit Presto

Debs Corporation, a textile producer and fabric exporter in Japan, is installing the Kornit Presto for fast, eco-friendly textile production without graphic or colour limitations.

According to Kornit Digital, the installation will additionally serve as a live production showcase. Textile industry professionals will be able to learn about the expanding possibilities of digitised production as an efficient, streamlined mechanism for supporting global web-driven demand for custom materials.

The install aligns with Debs Corporation’s corporate philosophy of growing via digitalisation, innovation, and sustainability. The company already incorporates sustainable raw materials and waterless dyeing and printing technologies.

Their efforts reflect a “Made with Japan” mantra, combining the best of the Japanese textile industry with technologies such as Kornit Presto.

“Many recognisable brands rely on us to provide high-quality, responsibly-produced materials in various quantities and performance standards, and Kornit’s technology checks all of the boxes to answer those needs, and support evolving opportunities and challenges that may arise in the years ahead," said Hani Debs, President of Debs Corporation.

Debs Corporation supports more than 250 fashion, intimates, and sports apparel brands globally.

“Kornit is proud to work with them to demonstrate the many ways digitised production can deliver unlimited graphic and colour capabilities, profitability in any quantity, and a cleaner, more eco-conscious process, to the benefit of producer, consumer, and the broader textile industry alike. We share a common vision of making the industry more capable, more responsible, and more responsive to the values of today’s marketplace, and delivering on the superior end-to-end experience digitisation promises," said Ilan Elad, President of Kornit Digital Asia-Pacific.

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