Koenig & Bauer launches new gen of Rapidas

Rapida 145 and Rapida 164 are large-format sheetfed offset presses

Koenig & Bauer announced the market launch of a brand new generation of its Rapida 145 and Rapida 164 large-format sheetfed offset presses. The new press generation is available with immediate effect.

Both large-format series has the same minimalistic design as all the latest Koenig & Bauer presses. Along with this, the large-format Rapidas are packed with many new features.

The presses handle sheet formats up to 1,060 x 1,450 mm (Rapida 145) and 1,205 x 1,640 mm (Rapida 164) at a standard maximum production speed of 16,000 sheets/hr in board production.

Incorporation of a high-speed package raises the top speeds another notch, allowing them to handle 18,000 sheets/hr (Rapida 145) and 17,000 sheets/hr (Rapida 164).

The new presses offer the performance parameters of the latest medium-format presses – for twice the print format or even more.

The operating concept has also been given a makeover. Large touch panels on the feeder, on the first printing unit and at the delivery render many buttons and other operating elements superfluous. All routine processes that are normally activated decentrally from the console can therefore be controlled just as conveniently on the press itself. A prominent status indicator at the delivery provides instant updates on the current press status. Different colours are used to signal whether the press is in production, standby or maintenance mode.

Koenig & Bauer has also made significant improvements in a lot of less visible but important details, such as sheet guiding elements in the delivery and delivery extension (dryer section).

All the existing automation and high performance features of the previous models are still available for the new Rapida generation.

When it comes to automation, the new Rapida generation sets a new benchmark in large-format printing.

Additional benefits for packaging

The new Rapida large format generation brings significant improvements for the core application area of packaging printing in particular.

Substrate versatility was already very broad in the past, allowing board thicknesses of up to 1.2 or 1.6 mm. Universal gripper systems make this possible. On the new presses, the range of substrates handled can be increased further still – even beyond the 2 mm mark – by simply converting the printing units.

For companies that work with heavy board grades or offer post-printing on corrugated board involving printing and finishing a full spectrum in an inline process, the new capabilities represent a quantum leap forward.

Other important changes concern the options to allow increased pile heights. Five variants are available, covering the range from 185 to – as a new option – 925 mm. Raising piles by 185, 370 or 555 mm can also be achieved by placing the press on cast blocks. The additional outlay for special press foundations can then be saved.

Visit https://www.koenig-bauer.com/de/newdimension/ to find out more about the presses.

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