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Konica Minolta appoints new president and CEO

Konica Minolta has named Toshimitsu Taiko as its new president and CEO, effective 1 April 2022. He will replace current CEO, Shoei Yamana, who will become executive chairman.

Taiko’s current role is as Senior Executive Vice President and Executive Officer at Konica Minolta, held since FY2020.

In the role, Taiko has been responsible for corporate planning, investor relations and corporate communications, and committed to steering management from a company-wide perspective by devising and implementing long-term visions and ‘medium-term business plan’ and engaging with stakeholders.

In 2020, the ‘Medium-term Business Plan DX2022’ was formulated, which is based on the “Imaging to the People” vision. The plan also aims to complete two business portfolio transformations – sustainability management and smart work management - through FY2025.

The management change comes at an “appropriate timing” as FY2022 is the final year of ‘DX2022’. According to Konica Minolta, the newly-appointed president “will formulate new Medium-term Business Plan himself, lead the Group’s 40,000 global talent and maximise their execution capability.”

In a press release, Konica Minolta stated: “Since the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, people's values and behavioural changes have progressed, and the business environment surrounding the company has changed dramatically. Turning around the Office and Production Print Businesses, as the company’s core businesses, as soon as possible, and further enhancing the Industry Business that drives earnings generation, Healthcare Business and Industrial Business are an urgent management issue. In order to complete the medium-term business portfolio transformation and simultaneously resolve short-term issues, it is necessary to further strengthen execution capabilities and accelerate it.”

“With the appointment of President & CEO, Representative Executive Officer, I feel so humbled by the great responsibilities in leading the company,” said Taiko. "Until FY2025, we will complete the transformation of our business portfolio. At the same time, I will listen sincerely to the opinions of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, communities, stockholders, and business partners, and improve Konica Minolta's corporate value through dialogue. The company has strengthened its sustainability. We believe contributing to the realization of a sustainable society where everyone can live with a purpose is the only way to achieve the sustainable growth of the company."

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