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Konica Minolta factory explosion may impact toner supply

On 12 August, around 5:15pm, an explosion occurred at Konica Minolta’s factory at Tatsuno, Japan.

The 46,641 square meters factory produces Konica Minolta toners multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) and other equipment.

The factory is currently not operating as investigations are on-going. As such, toner supply is likely to be affected.

According to Konica Minolta, the explosion had occurred at the production line. One unit of production equipment on the second floor of the production building was damaged and the external wall of the third floor of the building was partially damaged. No injuries were reported.

As of 16 August, the cause of the explosion has yet to be identified.

In its latest press statement regarding the incident: “The on-site inspection was conducted by the local fire and police departments, starting on August 14. As it takes time to collect and analyse the data, the cause has not been identified.

The Konica Minolta Group sincerely addresses the incident again and, in cooperation with the local fire and police departments and relevant authorities, will thoroughly investigate the cause. Until the cause is identified and safety is ensured, we will not resume operation.”

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