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Konica Minolta updates on toner resumption following factory explosion

Konica Minolta has released an update on production resumption for its Japan factories in Tatsuno and Kofu.

In August 2021, an explosion occurred at the Tatsuno factory. The Tatsuno factory produces Konica Minolta toners multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) and other equipment.

Due to the explosion, the Tatsuno site was shut down for investigation and assessment. Its factory at Kofu was also closed to be assessed on safety measures. As a result toner production was halted.

Since then, Konica Minolta reported that the Tatsuno Factory is on its way to resume production on 8 November, as planned. Shipments for the toner is expected to resume 20 November.

The explosion occurred at the production line, likely caused by dust explosion due to static electricity generated in the drying process. As a countermeasure, Konica Minolta has introduced a new production process that does not use the secondary drying process, with the aim of eliminating the risk of accidents and ensuring safety.

From 16 to 17 October, Konica Minolta held briefing sessions for residents in the neighboring communities at Tatsuno to explain the cause of the accident and countermeasures undertaken.

The Kofu site has also resumed toner production as of 18 October, as it had completed expert risk assessments without problem.

In a press release, the company added: “The Konica Minolta Group takes the accidents seriously and will continue to strive to ensure the safety of the community. At the same time, we would like to express our sincere apologies for the accidents, which caused concerns and inconvenience to our customers due to a shortage in the supply of toners. We also ask for understanding and support as we work to resume production in the future.”

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