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Kornit and Debs unveil innovation centre in Japan

Kornit Digital announced today that it has opened doors to a new Innovation Center in Kyoto, Japan. The center is in cooperation with Japanese fabric exporter, Debs Corporation.

Located in Kyoto, the Kornit Presto is on-site, which will continue to fulfil the production needs of Debs Corporation.

The production floor will now serve as Kornit’s Japanese “showroom” and events venue, aiming to offer visitors the opportunity to observe how this technology supports an efficient, sustainable microfactory production model.

The Innovation Center will demonstrate how digital on-demand production capabilities enable brands to provide just-in-time fulfilment of diverse orders involving multiple fabrics, producing finished materials within minutes, requiring minimal labour and floorspace, while eliminating inventory waste and ensuring profitability.

Furthermore, visitors can see and feel the quality of finished materials, and engage with those who routinely operate and maintain Kornit’s systems.

“Our vision is to bridge the gap between the customer and production, and to provide a transparent and sustainable business model that is win-win for everyone,” said Hani Debs, President of Debs Corporation. “With Kornit Presto’s speed and flexibility, we give customers the opportunity to produce only what they need, thus eliminating waste in our industry.”

“Selcam has decided to distribute the Presto product line in Japan and participate in the Innovation Center, because Kornit’s technology stands to transform the fashion and textile business, make it more eco-friendly, more reactive to consumer demand, more capable of transforming creativity into tangible goods, and better prepared to answer the supply chain challenges we’ve faced,” said Motoki Ando, Chief Executive Officer of Selcam, Kornit’s distributor to the Japanese market.

“Kornit Digital is writing the operating system for sustainable fashion and textile production on demand,” said Ilan Elad, President of Kornit Digital Asia-Pacific. “Establishing an operational showcase for our vision of streamlined, end-to-end process efficiency is a major benchmark for our ambitions in Japan, a market that brings a proud tradition of embracing technological innovation and excellence. We are proud to partner with Debs Corporation and Selcam to show brands, fulfillers, and designers the future of their industry—one in which eliminating waste and ensuring conscientious practices need not come at the cost of quality, design capability, or profitability.”

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