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Kornit Digital to take part in virtual trade show

The 2020 Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show to feature complete portfolio of systems for sustainable production on demand, end-to-end workflow solutions, expert demonstration and consultation.

Kornit Digital announced that it will be joining the 2020 Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show. The global online event, which will happen from 15 to 30 October is free to attend.

Kornit will be exhibiting its latest capabilities for digital direct-to-garment and roll-to-roll production.

Visitors can expect to learn more about:

· Kornit’s portfolio of industry-leading DTG systems, offering brands and fulfillers pushbutton efficiency in any quantity, to eliminate inventory risk and waste.

· Kornit Presto, the perfect foundation of any microfactory production concept, for consolidating operations and minimizing supply chain risk.

· Kornit’s new Softener solution, which enables photorealistic detail combined with handfeel meeting the most rigorous demands of high fashion and home décor.

· Kornit’s range of available pallets, empowering brands and fulfillers to expand their catalog and offer customers any applications they demand, including baby and children’s apparel, zipper hoodies, handbags, and the industry’s first DTG solution for custom neck tags.

· Kornit’s acquisition of Custom Gateway, which promises end-to-end production efficiency, for building or enhancing online stores, ensuring visibility and control across multiple production sites, optimizing the production floor, and getting products out the door quickly, meeting the speed and logistics challenges of the e-commerce age.

In addition to sharing diverse customer testimonials, Kornit will be hosting live consultations with system experts, to answer all questions and present Kornit’s value proposition for ongoing business needs. The company will also be leading a seminar presentation during the event.

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