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Kornit makes bold commitment to sustainability in fashion industry

Zero overproduction, zero water waste, reduced CO2 emissions by 2026

Kornit Digital Ltd. released its 2020 Impact and Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Report. This inaugural report affirms Kornit’s commitment to achieving specific ESG goals.

Based on the report, Kornit Digital announced its commitment to saving 4.3 trillion litres of water and 17.2 billion kg greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing overproduction in the fashion industry by 1.1 billion items by 2026.

A 2021 Life Cycle Assessment conducted on two flagship products, the Kornit Atlas MAX and Kornit Presto S, showed that compared to traditional analog processes, Kornit systems used up to 95% less water and 94% less energy, and produced up to 83% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the Presto S system and up to 93% less water and 66% less energy, and produced up to 82% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the Atlas MAX system.

With the study, Kornit systems are expected to enable the production of approximately 2.5 billion apparel items in a responsible manner to deliver zero overproduction, zero water waste and reduced CO2 emissions.

“Our vision is to boldly transform the world of fashion and textiles for a better, more sustainable planet,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital’s Chief Executive Officer. “This report serves as our roadmap to achieving this vision.”

“The fashion industry is unfortunately responsible for severe ecological damage, producing nearly 20% of global wastewater each year and over-producing an average of 30% as an integral part of its ‘normal’ course of doing business. We are laser-focused on changing that trajectory. Sustainability is top of mind at Kornit, in our spirit and in practice, every single day,” Samuel continued.

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