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Miraclon launches FLEXCEL NX Central Software

Miraclon announced the launch of KODAK FLEXCEL NX Central Software. The new software aims to offer customers a step change in their flexo platemaking productivity.

Enabling manual plate layout time savings of up to 90% and boosting plate utilisation by up to 10%, the software streamlines the platemaking process and seamlessly enables the integration of multiple advanced plate surface patterning features, designed to enhance print performance – including those delivered within FLEXCEL NX Print Suite for PureFlexo Printing - into one automated plate layout, enabling customers to complete more jobs in less time, at a lower cost.

A successor to KODAK TIFF Assembler Plus Software (TAP) from Miraclon, the new automated plate layout process is optimised across the user’s portfolio of media sizes to maximize utilization, in turn increasing consistency and reducing errors by minimising human touchpoints.

FLEXCEL NX Central Software also allows for multiple users to remotely manage plate layouts, while its job tracking features enables more accurate billing and a comprehensive breakdown of production costs.

“FLEXCEL NX Central is designed to maximize the performance of KODAK FLEXCEL NX Technology and the efficiency benefits it brings to the pre-press and press rooms. It serves as the central hub for customers to interact with their FLEXCEL NX System, Miraclon’s ongoing technological innovations, and technical support teams to ensure the productivity it delivers drives business growth and ultimately their financial bottom line,” said Reid Chesterfield, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Miraclon.

FLEXCEL NX Central Software is included with all new FLEXCEL NX System orders from today and is available as an upgrade for existing customers.

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