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Miraclon launches PureFlexo printing

In its first ‘Miraclon Innovates’ virtual event, the company introduced PureFlexo Printing. It enables Kodak Flexcel System users to produce high-quality flexo print within a wider operating window on press by controlling unwanted ink spread in ways never seen before.

Designed specifically for wide web solvent ink on film applications, PureFlexo Printing maximizes press efficiency, repeatability and overall performance while enabling printers and prepress providers to experience cleaner print, stable colour and a better bottom line for their business.

“For us the focus of our business is around providing a constant stream of innovation, to our customers, we're really on a journey to transform flexo and to make it into the number one choice for printing packaging. To do that, we need to constantly innovate within our existing portfolio and to bring new products to market,” said Chris Payne, Miraclon’s CEO.

“For Miraclon, driving the overall expansion of flexo printed packaging makes us focus on three key things. First, best-in-class efficiency and a cost-effective, productive printing process that reduces time to market. Second, a robust manufacturing process that people can rely on. And third, shelf impact and creative design freedom for the brands so they can continue to win on the supermarket shelf. To address this, we need to transform flexo to a modern manufacturing process,” said Payne.

Built on Miraclon’s expertise in highly controlled ink transfer mechanisms and further unlocking the core capabilities of the FLEXCEL NX System, PureFlexo Printing gives unprecedented control over unwanted ink spread, increasing print latitude at all quality levels.

This extension of Miraclon’s knowledge in Advanced Plate Surface Patterning Technology, which has had over two years of testing in the field on over 20,000 commercial jobs, proves to:

· Reduce unscheduled press stops due to dirty print

· Deliver more predictable color

· Decrease press-to-proof match issues

· Lower the impact of operator and other production changes

“With lower dot gain and significantly reduced ink build-up during a run, PureFlexo Printing not only brings a more predictable match to a press color profile, it also reduces the need to stop the press to clean plates,” said Dr John Anderson, Director of Advanced Print Applications at Miraclon. “This results in much greater production efficiencies while producing a high-quality result. The complete prepress and printing process becomes more efficient.”

PureFlexo Printing is available immediately to all FLEXCEL NX System users through the KODAK FLEXCEL NX Print Suite for Flexible Packaging.

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