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Ricoh launches first plant-based ink

Ricoh announced the launch of plant-based inks, purportedly the first of its kind for mainstream graphics and packaging print.

According to Ricoh, the ink is made of a derivative of vegetable oil. The plant oil component creates an ink that is quick drying, as no heat is required to fix or dry the ink.

The oil penetrates porous substrates leaving the pigment near the surface. This reduces energy consumption and eliminates the need for the whole drying system.

The inks are also odour-free with improved food compatibility, as no monomers are used, making it biodegradable and supports deinking. As the inks are not water-based, no biocides are required to keep the ink usable.

Targeted for the décor printing sector, the ink is part of Ricoh’s collaboration with German equipment manufacturer Olbrich. It has been developed to deliver rub resistance and set-off performance for corrugated brown and white boards, as well as carton board.

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