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Singapore’s Containers Printers awarded for sustainability efforts

Packaging company, Containers Printers Pte Ltd has won the Outstanding SME of the Year Award.

The award recognises Singapore SMEs in manufacturing or industrial business activities that have demonstrated a high level of commitment to energy management.

Established in 2011, the EENP Awards aim to recognise companies for their efforts and achievements in improving energy efficiency. The award programme is organised annually by the National Environment Agency, Energy Market Authority and the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Containers Printers had its start in 1981 producing and printing metal packaging. some of which included square tins for cooking oil, which are common throughout Southeast Asia.

Over the years, the company evolved to provide innovative metal and flexible laminate packaging solutions to customers in more than 30 countries. The company serves brands in the nutrition, food, and medical industries.

In a statement to Singapore newspaper, The Business Times, Amy Chung, CEO of Containers Printers said: "We have built a dedicated energy management team involving members from different departments, invested in training, and established new data driven processes on energy usage tracking and performance monitoring."

According to Containers Printers, some of its recent sustainability programs include the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels across all of its factories to tap into renewable energy. The company also upgraded energy-intensive equipment, such as air compressors, to use energy efficient fixed speed and variable speed compressors to the meet the varying compressed air demands of production at an efficient rate.

In addition, Containers Printers upgraded all factory lighting to LED and its air conditioning units to more energy-efficient units (rated 4 or 5 ticks under NEA’s Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme).

As a signatory to the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA), Containers Printers commit to reduce packaging waste, which constitutes about one-third by weight of Singapore’s domestic waste.

In 2020, the company snagged two awards at the Sustainability Awards: Best Sustainable Packaging Technology (Southeast Asia) and Most Innovative Packaging Team (Southeast Asia).

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