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The Philippines’ graphics market posts 10.2% growth in Q1/2021

The Philippines showed significant growth quarterly at 10.2% in Q1/2021 for its graphics market, according to IDC’s industrial tracker. However, compared to Q1/2020, declined -6%.

Due to the pandemic, March to December 2020 was a challenging time for the print industry. As leasing schemes get postponed, printing demand decreased by more than 50%. Consequently, some print service providers (PSPs) had to close their businesses.

“The pandemic has impacted all graphics sectors including signage, jersey, decoration and souvenir. But there are some opportunities that can be explored during this crisis time to flatten the curve and avoid bigger impact of recession,” said Puwanart Pientanyakij, market analyst for IPDS at IDC Thailand.

Quarantine measures in Luzon caused the general market to plunge in the past quarter. Sporting events such as basketball, badminton and marathons were not allowed to be organised during the ECQ.

During the pandemic, there were emerging opportunities in the printing business. Presently, there is a high demand for fabric face masks and food delivery uniforms. These applications present alternative sources of income during the pandemic, allowing more cashflow to print service providers.

In order to avoid and minimise direct contact, Web to Print or W2P solutions are tools that PSPs adopt to simplify the buying process. Popular W2P platforms include Onprintshop, XMPie and Uprinting. These platforms can provide product information, consultation, real-time price calculation and web features with drop file option for quick response. The printed products will then be sent out directly to customers using third party logistic services. The online platforms have the potential to be the new normal of the printing industry. Not only do they simplify the buying process, they are also used as analytic tools.

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