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Three EFI products awarded as forward looking technology

EFI announced it has achieved Pinnacle Product Awards for three of its digital print technologies. EFI’s Fiery FreeForm Create, Fiery finishing integration technology and Nozomi single-pass display graphics printer were recognised as outstanding product that move the industry forward.

The annual Pinnacle Product Award competition from PRINTING United Alliance showcases products that keep the industry moving forward. Fiery FreeForm Create The newest version of EFI Fiery FreeForm Create is the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award winner in the variable and transactional software category.

The software is a free, variable data print (VDP) creation application that has been recognised time and again for the role it plays in helping the design and marketing community expand the use of personalized campaigns that deliver bigger impact and value. Developed to be the easiest way to get started with VDP, Fiery FreeForm Create gives users the ability to quickly add variable text, images, and barcodes into files for production on Fiery Driven digital printers. Fiery finishing integration technology With the EFI Fiery integration with inline and offline slitter/cutter/creaser finishers, digital print providers can use Fiery Impose or Fiery Finishing Designer make-ready software in job prep stages to establish a more seamless, integrated workflow from a digital print device to inline or nearline slitter/cutter/creaser finishers from many different manufacturers. The solution delivers a fully visual user interface that can significantly simplify the creation and editing of cut, crease and perforation marks on a print job, eliminating operator touch points and errors.

As a result, users can save up to 80% in production setup time and ensure imposed jobs will be printed and finished correctly. EFI Nozomi 18000+

The EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer for display graphics, is the winning product in the 2021 Pinnacle Product Awards’ single-pass printer category. This award is given based on a strict file output comparison against a test print provided by PRINTING United. Driven by a high-performance EFI Fiery blade server digital front end offering next-generation colour profiling technology, the printer is capable of printing on synthetic media and paper-based materials at speeds up to 1,000 sheets or boards per hour – taking print’s analog to digital transformation to a new, higher point. With the printer, signage and graphics businesses have the firepower to address their largest-volume needs with just-in-time and on-demand production for print runs anywhere from one to 10,000+ sheets. Its unparalleled throughput – running up to three or four times faster than the most productive shuttle-based/multi-pass display graphics printers – helps users achieve the lowest cost per square foot for a wide application range of high-volume work.

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