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Toppan develops new barrier coated paper for packaging

Toppan has developed a new barrier coated paper that provides high water vapour barrier performance and flex resistance. The coated paper is suitable for a wide range of contents and packaging shapes. GL-X-P has an excellent water vapour barrier performance, which makes it possible to prevent content quality deterioration caused by humidity, while its flex resistance means it can be used for a diverse variety of packaging shapes.

These features enable its use in packaging for a wide range of powdered and solid contents, including food products such as instant coffee, powdered soups, and chocolate as well as cosmetics and toiletries.

A Sustainable Alternative

As an alternative to conventional packaging using paper, GL-X-P can benefit the environment by contributing to the reduction of food loss due to the potential extension of shelf lives enabled by preservation of freshness.

Since GL-X-P itself is heat sealable, a structure consisting only of paper is possible, cutting plastic consumption and facilitating a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to approximately 35% when used as an alternative to conventional laminated packaging structures that include plastic. With the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and growing global momentum to protect the environment and save resources, there is increasing interest in packaging that mitigates impact on the environment.

Efforts to reduce food loss and drive sustainability are now essential, and product packages are expected to not only maintain freshness and preserve contents over longer periods, but to also lower environmental impact through resource saving and recyclability.

Sample shipments of “GL-X-P” to manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industries worldwide, including food and toiletries, will begin in September, with the launch of full-scale sales scheduled for spring 2022.

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