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Toppan launches joint venture for 3D in Vietnam

Toppan Printing subsidiary, Toppan Cosmo, Inc., has partnered with Osaka-based STUDIO TEC and Ho Chi Minh-based Nu Design and Supply Co., Ltd. (NDS) to establish TOPPAN EQUATOR LLC.

The new company focused on the creation of high-quality three-dimensional computer graphics (3DCG) for sales promotion and presentations by Japanese companies in the construction, interior design, and housing equipment and appliance sectors.

Technologies such as 3DCG, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are used industries such as the construction, interior design, and housing equipment and appliance. Further growth in demand is anticipated, but these industries currently lack a sufficient number of engineers specialized in 3DCG, and quality can be inconsistent when production is outsourced, according to Toppan. TOPPAN EQUATOR was established in Vietnam to address these challenges. The new company will combine Toppan Cosmo’s expertise in catalog and sample book production with STUDIO TEC’s industry-leading technical and creative capabilities for 3DCG to facilitate full-scale entry into the 3D visualization business and provide high-quality, photoreal 3DCG content to a wide range of sectors.

TOPPAN EQUATOR will provide a one-stop solution for wide-ranging 3DCG production, including perspective drawing, movies, VR, AR, extended reality (XR) and more, while also enhancing its pool of advanced-level engineers to meet diverse content needs. It will offer a wide range of support from consulting to production and use of CAD and BIM, while Toppan Cosmo will handle sales functions to enable the organization to specialize in production and development.

Having the production function in Vietnam facilitates expansion of sales channels and strengthens cost competitiveness, while the expertise provided by NDS and its experience in Vietnam ensure high-quality 3DCG production.

TOPPAN EQUATOR will initially launch services aimed at clients in the Japanese domestic market, while targeting global expansion, including Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia.

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