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Toppan makes 'human rights policy’ official

Toppan announced it has established the Toppan Group Human Rights Policy, which is based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

According to The Toppan Group, it has thus far engaged in various human rights efforts based on the principle of “respect for human beings” advocated in TOPPAN VISION 21.

With the establishment of the policy, the Japanese conglomerate highlighted its commitment to support human rights as the group continues its global expansion.

Based on the policy, Toppan will “advance human rights efforts across the Group, fulfill its social responsibilities, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society”.

The policy will be disseminated throughout the Toppan Group via inclusion in training programs and other initiatives.

Toppan added it will also establish a framework for human rights due diligence to identify, prevent, and mitigate human rights infringements associated with business activities. The initiatives are expected to launch in fiscal 2022.

“Based on the philosophy of ‘respect for human beings’ and the belief that ‘a company is its people,’ Toppan views its employees as valuable ‘assets,’ or human capital, and refers to them as ‘human assets’ in its wide-ranging activities,” said Shinichi Ohkubo, Toppan’s Executive Vice President & Representative Director. “I believe that respect for human rights must be given the highest priority as a universal value and is the most important theme for a business to address. With this policy we are reemphasizing our approach to human rights, and from here on we will strive to enhance our value as a company by undertaking Groupwide efforts for human rights due diligence and fulfilling our responsibility to respect the human rights of every stakeholder.”


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