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Winners of the Asian Packaging Excellence Awards unveiled

In a special bumper issue of Labels and Packaging Innovation Asia, winners of the 2020 edition of the regional Asian Packaging Excellence Awards are announced.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were meted out to packaging companies throughout Asia. Winners for this year's event hailed from India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China the Philippines and Vietnam. Taking the top spot for most awards won was India, followed by Thailand.

Due to the pandemic, judging had to be continually delayed as borders close, and judges were unable to convene. While meetings and even events were able to continue without much hitches due to seamless online video conferencing, judging print samples were unable to have that luxury. To be fair to all participants, it was crucial that judging be done in-person to ensure the most critical process.

"We did not let up with the process of completing the judging for the Awards. After 3 attempts over several months, we finally did it," said Paul Callaghan, chairman of the awards. "We got a very much scaled down team together and over 4 days completed the task."

"We have awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze in many categories and have seen some truly amazing work submitted for the scrutiny of the team. I would like to congratulate each and every winner. As I always say, you have proven beyond any doubt that you are a quality printer, and that is something to be proud about," Callaghan added.

Read the latest issue to view all of the award winning prints. Then head on over to the Asian Packaging Excellence Awards webpage. Congratulatory messages from committee members of the awards programme can also be viewed there.

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