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X-Rite and Pantone announce virtual colour seminar

X-Rite’s popular Fundamentals Seminar Series is now available as interactive online courses covering colour science and quality control.

X-Rite Incorporated, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announce that its popular Fundamentals Seminar Series focusing on colour science and quality control is now available in an online learning format.

The remote format consists of two courses and features self-paced modules, downloadable course guides, educational videos, product demonstrations, and interactive activities.

Attendees will learn about colour theory and how to measure, control, and communicate colour to improve production workflows, reduce waste, and meet sustainability goals.

The virtual format meant that participants from Asia Pacific can take part from the comfort of their homes. In addition to the virtual format, the seminar will also be held in-person this fall throughout the United States. “Last year we announced our first virtual Fundamentals Seminar Series course, the Fundamentals of Color and Appearance. We are excited to announce that the second course, Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control (FIQC), is now online, too,” said Raj Shah, Vice President of Marketing, X-Rite and Pantone. “Together these courses provide a mix of colour theory and practical information to help attendees implement colour measurement and quality standards across their workflows and supply chains.” The Online Fundamentals Seminar is a two-course series with more than 10 hours of video instruction taught by X-Rite Color Experts.

To enhance the remote training experience, attendees have access to a discussion board and a live Q&A with an X-Rite Color Expert. The seminar is ideal for anyone who works with or specifies colour, including quality control professionals, lab technicians, part suppliers, product developers, designers, and manufacturers.

The Fundamentals Seminar Series courses include:

- Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA), which focuses on colour and appearance science. From the physics of colour to lighting, spectrophotometers and colour data, this course will teach how to measure, view and understand colour communication and data.

- Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control (FIQC), a hands-on, colour quality control workshop using X-Rite instruments and software. Topics include creating colour standards, developing appropriate colour tolerances, and measuring samples against target colours while analyzing the results.

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