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Xeikon Café 2019 returns with Academy Program

Xeikon Café Europe 2019 announces the return of its educational Academy program. The European edition of the event will be held from 26 to 28 March 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Academy program is a technology-agnostic educational forum that offers expert insights on all aspects of digital production and a wide variety end-use applications.

Through a series of parallel sessions, the program will provide insight at revenue-generating opportunities from a business and technology perspectives.

The Business Talks will help attendees acquire knowledge and insights on business opportunities, while the practical Tech Talks focus on the technical characteristics of a wide variety of end-use applications. Each will include or be followed by a technology demo at one of the presses running a live, relevant end-use application based on the contents of the session.

“Xeikon Café Academy provides a valuable learning opportunity for event attendees,” said Danny Mertens of Xeikon Café. “The goal is to provide them with practical info they can take back home to develop new business opportunities and applications that bring added value for their customers. Both Business Talks and Tech Talks also showcase the value brought to market by close collaboration among all Xeikon Café partners, each sharing technical expertise that results in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. On top of that, by combining the Academy sessions with an on-the-spot demo, attendees get the level of detail needed to take actionable ideas back to their businesses.”

In addition to the highly educational content in the Academy, there is also the Xeikon Café Conference taking place each morning and offering thought leadership content from a variety of brands and printing professionals, including Keynote Trend Researcher Aljan De Boer, DS Smith, Continental Foods, Tough Crowd, Eurocod, Leaderform and Tapecon.

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