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Xeikon launches two new entry-level label presses

Xeikon introduced two new digital label presses to its portfolio – the Xeikon CX30 and Xeikon CX50. Designed to offer maximum OEE, the two presses are built on Xeikon’s 6th generation platform and based on CHEETAH 2.0 technology with new generation interfaces and cloud connection.

The Xeikon CX30 and Xeikon CX50 fit perfectly in the Xeikon portfolio between the Xeikon 3030 REX and Xeikon 3050 REX entry-level presses and the higher-end Xeikon CX300 and Xeikon CX500.

The two new presses can suit any label printer operating on ‘middle capacity’, that is: 20,000-40,000 sqm or 30,000-55,000 MSI in all end-use segments. According to Xeikon, the new presses will excel in the pharmaceutical, food, and wine & spirit label sectors. Both the Xeikon CX30 and Xeikon CX50 are ‘middle capacity’ presses that can be upgraded on site.

“Part of the Xeikon strategy going forward is to make sure every label printer and converter has the maximum choice to purchase a Xeikon press which can help them drive business growth. A successful and cost-effective investment in a digital production solution works best when it is based on expected, realistic print volumes," said Filip Weymans, VP Marketing at Xeikon.

The Xeikon CX30 and Xeikon CX50 are both driven by Xeikon’s X-800 digital front end and use Xeikon’s QB dry toner based on CHEETAH 2.0 technology.

"Xeikon’s CHEETAH 2.0 series offers competitive running costs, and printers have the opportunity to successfully expand the capabilities of their press (by upgrading either in speed or width, or both). The Xeikon CX30 and Xeikon CX50 are an appropriate choice for printers and converters looking at digital for the first time with future plans to expand and grow their operation – also for online label printers who are seeing their business explode.”

The new machines are available for physical and online demonstrations at Xeikon’s Global Innovation Center in Antwerp, Belgium, and globally commercially available as of Q1 2021.

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