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Xiamen Hexing Packaging installs China’s first HP PageWide Corrugated Press

Investing in HP PageWide T400S Digital Corrugated Packaging Press, HXPP achieves scale-production of corrugated packaging

Xiamen Hexing Packaging Co., Ltd (HXPP) has acquired China’s first HP PageWide digital press to meet the growing demand for customized corrugated packaging. The installation of the HP PageWide T400S press at HXPP's production site in Huayi, Hubei will help HXPP achieve large-scale production of corrugated printing products.

“HXPP insists on being customer-centric, striving to respond quickly to customer needs, continuing to create long-term value for customers that will ultimately benefit the packaging supply chain,” Xiao Kang Du, Vice-General Manager of United Creation Packaging Solutions, HXPP Group, said at an open house held for customers to introduce the new press at the site.

"With HP's digital printing products and solutions, we are able to realize the demand for mass production of personalized and customized printed products, making packaging a new marketing tool and a communication bridge between brands and consumers. While helping brand owners stand out, our company is able to explore more business opportunities and achieve a win-win situation," he added.

HXPP is a leading provider of corrugated packaging products in Asia, with about 60 manufacturing sites in China and four R&D centers. Its main products include high-end corrugated cartons, cardboard, and cushioning packaging materials, serving a number of leading technology, food and fast-moving brands in the industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the packaging and printing industry, HXPP has been committed to providing high-quality packaging that adds value to brands and enhances the end-user experience.

To this end, HXPP has been seeking innovation in business and service models based on market insights. Observing the youthful trend of the main consumer group, HXPP keenly captures the strong demand of brand owners for customized and differentiated marketing, and actively develops high-quality customized products for them. To meet the high demands of brands for customized products in terms of yield, quality and speed to market, HXPP has proactively started to explore the field of digital printing, and this cooperation with HP is an important step in the exploration of the digital field.

The 1066 mm (42 inch) wide HP PageWide T400S digital press is a digital pre-print solution for corrugated liners designed for industrial-grade production of corrugated packaging. It enables fast turnaround and delivery, and provides high print quality, and is a powerful tool for achieving customized product scale production. In addition, HP true water-based inks are certified by UL ECOLOGO® and PTS certification for recyclability will further help HXPP achieve its sustainability goals. This will help HXPP stay ahead of the curve in a market with increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

"We are pleased to reach this cooperation with HXPP. By joining hands with an industry pioneer, HP will continue to give strong impetus to the digitalization and customization of the corrugated packaging industry in China," said Nick Price, HP PageWide Business Manager in APJ. "As a leading brand in the digital printing industry, HP has always been committed to using its leading equipment, solutions and resources to help our customers fully develop their own potential, expand more possibilities to serve end users and create more benefit opportunities for themselves. We also look forward to working with more like-minded customers to promote the positive development of the digital printing industry."

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