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Xiaomi special edition packaging gets sparkling makeover

Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi Corporation, will be using Scodix Crystal to transform the packaging of its latest release, the Xiaomi MI 11 Special Edition.

In honor of the company’s founder, Lei Jun, the Special Edition includes the Lei Jun signature and a special aesthetic effect on the back cover. Under customary glass, ribbed materials across the back of the smartphone shimmer in different colours depending on how the light hits the glass. Xiaomi has simulated the dazzling effect on the smartphone packaging using Scodix Crystal.

Scodix Crystal allows users to create real 3D items and colourful sparkle effects using proprietary high-build polymer, replacing the need to manually position crystals. The Scodix technology used to create Xiaomi’s Crystal enhancement was from the Scodix Ultra 1000’s Digital Enhancement Press Series.

Ziki Kuly, Scodix VP APJ & Product Marketing added: “We are very excited to be part of such a major launch. The use of Scodix Crystal on the box complements the premium nature of the smartphone and adds to the opulence of the product. Crafting such engaging, high-end packaging creates a luxurious experience for the consumer as they unbox their freshest purchase. It’s an ideal application for Scodix Crystal.”

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